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Work and earn experience to delight the most sexy girls de la saga Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Sims Date, an adventure game. Choose to play one of the 4 fighters of the Final Fantasy saga, and then spread your 58 points of ability among 5 different categories: strength, vitality Vitality, Geist Spirit, speed and chance Luck. Then get started in this mischievous adventure where the goal of the game is to embrace the 8 most beautiful girls in the Final Fantasy series: Garnet, Sarah, Lenne, Quist, Rinoa, Selphie, Yuna and Tifa. All is played with the mouse. Click on one of 11 places in the game since the map of Spira. Talk, talk, work and do business in the places where girls live in the game to earn money and points for fitness. Do not forget to return home to bed to recover energy. Every girl needs a lot of work and patience to spend foreign level stranger to the final stage of girlfriend. A simulation game of life and drag very well done with a good life.

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