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As the title of the game told us, it is a game of ninja, the Japanese martial art masters. The goal of the game is simple: you are a ninja and must find a magus, but your way is punctuated other ninjas which you will have to kill (it there of of 3 kinds: ninjas with a sword, ninjas with a lance and ninjas with an arc). To pass at the following stage, you must each time kill all the ninjas present (without of course making you kill). You can kill them either in way discréte or of way bourain, but in bourain mode you will have more chance to make you kill. If you are made kill, you to just start again the stage and not since the beginning. Controls are super simple: arrow directional left and right-hand side to move, arrow top to jump and the arrow one of bottom to squat itself, the key S to serve to you as your sabre and the key D to avoid the blows.

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Ninja, Rinseout