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Age of Ants is an action game. Objective: defeat the mutant ands that threaten your town. Controls: up and down arrow keys: press to move forwards and back. Left and right arrow keys: press to turn left or right. Shift key: hold down while turning for fine control (important for precision shooting). D key: fire weapon, drop timed charges or insect lures. S key: select weapon/item (item appears bottom left of screen) “A” key: Enter or exit vehicle. Space key: view status screen (shows score, inventory, location, current mission etc). Hints: the ants patrol the area until you get too close or you start shooting at them (note, if you are in the tank the ants will detect you from a much greater distance).if an ant becomes alerted it will stop and attempt to get bearing on you. At this point you have only a few moments to kill it before it raises the alarm. If the alarm is raised the ants will swarm and you must kill a certain number before the ants return to their patrols. The color marking on an ant’s abdomen indicates rank. Higher ranks tend to be bigger, faster and quicker to attack. The insect lure will attract any ants on the map for a short time. So once placed you should leave the vicinity ASAP. Ants can still be alerted by your presence at this point but only if you get very close. Note the insect lure will not work on ants that are already swarming.

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