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Some terrorists have taken over the city airport. Many of the civilians were able to escape but there is a possibility that a few remain. Beware, if they weren’t smart enough to get out by now, they might not be smart enough to stay out of your way. Anyway, these terrorists have entrenched themselves throughout the facility. It looks like they’re the same guys from the bank incident, enough though they may have more polygons. Intel shows that there is a leading Geneticist on board one of these flights. It is highly probable that he is the target of this attack. Shoot on sight, show no mercy. These bastards have done enough damage already. Different body shots give different points. The faster you shoot, the more points you get. Multiple hit combos give point multipliers. Use mouse to aim and click left mouse button to shoot. Don’t forget to refill using space bar. Go ahead and show your shooting skills. Good luck!

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