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Oggy Moshi is a strategy game totally free. In Oggy Moshi, you need to help out Oggy throughout the different aspects of his daily life. In other words, one needs to make sure Oggy eats, sleeps and does whatever else he likes to do well. You can pick from a panel of actions all available when Oggy is inactive. If you don’t influence his action right away. He will decide on his own what to do. It’s not always the best choice. It’s also not possible to activate the same action twice in a row. As always, the cockroaches are trying to bother Oggy. You need to keep his environment safe from the little demons. You can directly act on the background elements such as the pop corn machine to fill it up. All other items the cockroaches May have infested are clickable. They will give you status info and therefore the possibility to fix or not fix the item. The icon in the left upper corner of the screen describes Oggy’s status according to three different elements health, fatigue and moral. Keep an eye on all three because if one reaches zero it’s game over. This set of rules doesn’t go into details for each object so start exploring and keep an avid eye for those cockroaches to be a good caretaker for Oggy

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