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You are in a livingroom. You cannot go out because the door is closed. It is protected by a code that you will have to find out. In addition, you have to repair the code-box to be able to enter the code once you will have found it. For this purpose, you have to search everywhere in the room for items to be collected that will help you repairing the code-box, and for indications that will bring you to the code. Click on interactive items, that you recognize by the changing cursor. They will be added to your inventory. Some items can be combined together directly into your inventory. Take care! The items become usable first when you are at proper location at right time. Consequently, if an item does not work, it means that you have other things to do before to use it or that you must try it somewhere else! Good luck. Important information: If you re-start the game from the begining, the items are no more hidden in the same places. Therefore, it is recommended to play the whole game at once.

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Escape, Game