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Providence is an adventure game on in which your mission is to exit the maze reaching the corner where the sound comes from. Centuries ago, on a far away land, a cruel prince planned to build a huge jail on a lost island, in order to get rid of his opponents. The most powerful warlocks worked on the project, but did not agree with the architectural aspect of the future providence. They eventually decided to build it as a maze with plenty of tiny rooms, and created a magical shipboard, the spiral, to enter it. Then the warlocks placed the portal at the very bottom of a deep pit. To access the maze was easy, but nobody ever found the way to exit it. If a trespasser was crazy enough to get too close to the pit, he would hear voice. The closer you are, the louder the sound is. The exit corner location rolls with every new game. While playing ,press “t” to change quality settings. All pictures and graphics used to make this game were drawn from scratch. Go ahead and finish your task...

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