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Le Supplice Chinois is an adventure game. Help the famous magician Houdini to escape from a deadly trap set by the Chinese in diabolical evils. In Shanghai, Houdini, famous magician, is captured by a Wizard-eunuch in the service of a former dynasty. Shut pagoda in a spell where the parts are innondées one after another, Harry must escape from the reservoir of the famous Chinese Supplice before defeating Shaolin monks and dangerous dragons that block from the pagoda. Use the arrow keys to move around: walk, jump, climb, crouch, down, enter a room, our hero can do anything. Press the spacebar to activate a lever, opening a door, pick a lock, hitting an opponent. The game is a platform game with many puzzles and some tricky to solve. The graphics are superb and the atmosphere in China adds a very exotic to the game A very good adventure game to discover.

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Le, Supplice, Chinois