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Year 50, some gifted people (known as Mages) discovered how to control Fire and water. They formed the Fire Clan and Water Clan. The images of each clan discovered different ways to control Fire and Water, and thus, the two clans were divided again, into 6 clans. Fire Clan. Dark fire clan. chaos fire clan. red fire clan. Water Clan. sea water clan. ice water clan. Poison water clan. Year 100. Each clan has its own unique magic’s. Often there were fights among the clans. A powerful mage defeated all the clan leaders. He maintained peace a mongo the clans. He was known as the Great Mage. Since then, every time the Great Mage passed away, Water and Fire clans will send their best mage, and they will challenge each other. The most powerful mage will become The Great Mage. Year 140. Six knowledgeable mages spent 3 years visiting all the famous mages from the six clans. They wrote a book called Book of Mages; inside they listed 100 most powerful images from various clans and ranked them according to their magic skills. This book broke the peace between clans. Mages challenged each other to increase their ranking in the book. Current Date: Year 190, January. The current Great Mage is from Poison Water Clan. He is old and not as powerful as when he was young. While Red Water Clan Leader, Ice Water Clan Leader and Red Fire Clan Leader still show respects to him, Chaos Fire Clan Leader and Dark Fire Clan Leader want Great Mage to give up his title, and have another Great Mage election. Poison Water Clan Leader is hoping Great Mage will pass down the title to him. During this Chaotic Period, a talented young man named Wilson came to the mysterious clan and he broadens the sight of the world, with which the game, started.

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