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A series of people would turn up in front of your gun. Take time to shoot them or you will be shot. However, you can not fire whoever turns up. Remember you are an extraordinary gentleman. So you can only fire the ones labeled with a?the enemya?. There are other sorts of people such as spies, hunters, scientists, invisible men, immortals, beasts and even vampires. You can not shoot at them, or you will make a mistake, and too many mistakes will cause the game over. In addition, you should make efforts to eliminate the enemies. Once you let one foeman pass, you come closer to the failure. One correct shot brings you one point, and when you succeed getting 20 points, the next level which is even more difficult with more sorts of people is waiting for you. In each level, the environment is different. The game control is rather easy-use your mouse click to play the game. Hope you will enjoy the exciting shooting journey. Come on!

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The, Extradinary, Gentlemen