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Žaidimo informacija kaip žaisti

A troop of Special Forces for a secret mission has been infiltrated into the backline in Afghan, to collect important information, assassinate the prime criminal or to sabotage the power-plant; they have already accomplished the missions and help the frontline winning the game with more ease. To move the character using ARROWS or KEY WASD, Press SPACEBAR or 0 to jump. Jump while running to leap over large gap. Use the mouse to aim and shoot or press z to shoot without the mouse. Evade the mines by jumping over them or stealthy through them using the up key and move left or right. It is the special force for sure, when they are hidden in the shadow, they submerged into the environment, and no enemies will find and hurt them anymore. Use it wisely, and you can be the same in combat tactics and strategy.

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Elite, Forces, Afghan